Who is Benito Pérez Galdós and who is Luis Buñuel? What about Galdós in Buñuel’s cinema, what united them?

These and other questions are answered in the documentary

Benito Pérez Buñuel with the voices of prestigious specialists, admirers and people close to the two great universal creators.

What unites the writer Benito Pérez Galdós and the filmmaker Luis Buñuel?

Benito Pérez Buñuel” discovers the connections between the two through a documentary that travels between the classic approach, mockumentary, non-fiction and animated film.

Data sheet

Title Benito Pérez Buñuel

Film genre Documentary with animation

Duration  74 minutes

Support   4K Digital

Produced and original idea by  Marta de Santa Ana

Directed and written by  Luis Roca

Production manager Marta de Santa Ana

Film Editing by Juan Gabriel García (AMMAC) / Raúl Román

Cinematography by Santiago Torres

Music by Lisandro Rodríguez

Art Direction by María González

Animation Directior Manuel Sirgo

Sound by Fabián Yanes / Álvaro Silva

Head of Administration Iñaki de Santa Ana

With the voices of Jerónimo Saavedra, José Luis Gil, Luis Bajo, Joel Bosqued, Manuel Castillo, Mari Carmen Sánchez, Francisco Montesdeoca

Interviewees Elena Poniatowska, Víctor Fuentes, Yolanda Arencibia, Arantxa Aguirre, Jordi Xifra, Carolina Fernández Cordero, Mario Barro, Nelson Carro, Rafael Congrio Lamata

Filming locations Gran Canaria, Calanda, Madrid, Ciudad de México, Santa Bárbara (California)

is the only influence that I would recognize about me

Luis Buñuel to Max Aub,
collected in Conversaciones con Buñuel
(Ed. Aguilar, Madrid, 1985)


Benito Pérez Buñuel is a documentary feature film whose protagonists are two great creators, the writer Benito Pérez Galdós and the filmmaker Luis Buñuel.

The basis of this film is the phrase that Luis Buñuel said to his friend Max Aub in 1969 when he asked him about his most important influences. Buñuel replied:

“Galdós is the only influence that I would recognize, in general, on me”.

In Benito Pérez Buñuel, flow together three films. First, that of Benito Pérez Galdós, continuator of the great Spanish cultural tradition (Cervantes, El Lazarillo, Quevedo, Lope de Vega, Velázquez, Goya), a universal realist writer on a par with his Russian, French and British contemporaries, but not as recognized as these. Second, that of Luis Buñuel, one of the main filmmakers of the 20th century, who continued the path of the previous ones through the main artistic expression of his century, cinema. And finally, the film that weaves together the previous ones: that of the director, a filmmaker in his fifties, who reflects on the two great creators in the process of building this film.

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Media Appearances

"When in 1968 the writer Max Aub asked Buñuel about his influences, he replied that he only recognized one: Galdós's. From this idea, the producer Marta de Santa Ana and the director Luis Roca Arencibia began to develop their project 'Benito Pérez Buñuel'"
El Asombrario, Pú
"We couldn't aspire to a better place, where thousands of film prescribers will come from, because these researchers about the writer will also be the ones who help make the work of the distinguished filmmaker known."
La Provincia, Diario de Las Palmas
"This Wednesday, the world premiere of Benito Pérez Buñuel's trailer was presented in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, within the framework of the 12th Galdosiano Congress organized by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria. The event, whose headquarters is the Pérez Galdós House Museum in the capital, ended this Thursday. The promotional piece, the first to publicly broadcast images of the film, has been received with expectation and enthusiasm by the audience.'"
Canarias Ahora, El
"Benito Pérez Buñuel is part of the island film production that was shown at the Canarias en el Foco meeting last Tuesday in San Sebastián."
La Provincia, Diario de Las Palmas
"At the beginning of the month, Calanda hosted the filming of Benito Pérez Buñuel, a documentary about the artistic and conceptual confluences between the Calandino filmmaker and the Canarian writer directed by Luis Roca and produced by Marta de Santa Ana."
Diario de Teruel
"Benito Pérez Buñuel, produced by Marta de Santa Ana and directed by Luis Roca, is finally filming after a long hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic"
El Dí
"The filming of the documentary that unites both figures is on the Island throughout this week. Schamann, Teror and Acusa Seca, between the scenes"
La Provincia, Diario de Las Palmas
"It's an immense challenge. We have two greats and we have to work very carefully. Galdós was the greatest exponent of literature in his time and Buñuel was his continuation in the cinema."
La Provincia, Diario de Las Palmas
"The film Benito Pérez Buñuel, currently in the development phase, digs under this sentence to recount, for the first time, the influences of the Canarian writer on the Aragonese filmmaker."
"Schamann's Neighborhood and Culture i+d Association met yesterday with the Benito Pérez Buñuel documentary team, a project that explores the Galdosian imprint on Luis Buñuel's filmography"
La Provincia, Diario de Las Palmas
"The budding documentary Benito Pérez Buñuel explores the Galdosian imprint in the oneiric and surreal imagery of Luis Buñuel under the orders of the filmmaker and film writer Luis Roca"
La Provincia, Diario de Las Palmas

A project of interest

"A very important initiative -and also very necessary- to delve into the relationship between the Aragonese filmmaker and the Canarian writer"
Jordi Xifra
Director of the Buñuel Calanda Center
"Exploring the communicating vessels between the novelist Benito Pérez Galdós and the filmmaker Luis Buñuel is unprecedented from the perspective of an audiovisual work"
Ernesto Contreras
Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences
"In this way he joins two of our most important authors, claiming his importance for Spanish and universal culture"
José Miguel Fernández Sastrón
SGAE President
"A project that proposes the convergence between two geniuses like Luis Buñuel and Pérez Galdós must be impressive"
Yolanda Arencibia
Director of the Pérez Galdós ULPGC Chair
"I think it's a fantastic idea to address the relationship between the Canarian writer and the Aragonese filmmaker through a documentary"
Victoria Galván
Perez Galdos House Museum
"In this game of habitual interlocutors, the figure of the writer Benito Pérez Galdós is key to understanding one of the most permanent sources of provision in Luis Buñuel's adaptations"
Marina Díaz
Cervantes Institute




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